You REALLY Don’t Have to Follow These Particular Music Rules on Your Big Day

It’s easy to feel confused by wedding rules when everyone says something different: follow this, don’t follow that, do this, don’t do that. Wedding etiquette is shifting right before our eyes and it can be hard to make sense of a world that used to be quite strict in terms of the rules it followed but is currently changing into a flexible organism, adapted for Millennial needs.

For instance, do you know which “wedding music rules” should be followed and which shouldn’t? We have gathered some in the latter category – so read on if you want to find out more.

  • Line dances. Some of you might believe that line dances are a MUST at weddings – however, that’s not necessarily true. On the contrary, actually. Line dances have been frequently included in wedding playlists because they used to be fun. However, since people have gotten rather bored of these dances, you might want to skip the moment altogether. Of course, if you feel your guests might still love it, do include a line dance for them – there’s no rule against that either!
  • Ceremony music. Or, more specifically, wedding processional music. A lot of people think they only have to pick classical or instrumental music for this moment but that’s not necessarily true. It is true in the case of certain religious establishments (e.g. Catholic churches), but not true in many other circumstances. Discuss this matter with your wedding ceremony officiant, as they will know how to advise you in this respect.
  • First Dance music. No, your first dance doesn’t have to be ultra-romantic and smooth. You can dance with your SO on whatever song is more representative for you. You can even create a mashup of two (or more!) songs and create a fun moment out of your First Dance! You set the rules here.
  • Just your music. Let’s say you like country music – it is definitely advisable to include it in your wedding playlist. However, sticking just to that might not be entertaining for all of your guests. YES, do play music you like, but don’t stick to just that because it can get boring for some of your guests. Mix different decades and different genres – that’s how amazing wedding playlists happen!


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