You Just Cannot Deny It: These Songs Are Ultra-Popular at Weddings!

Everything about a wedding calls for great music – because music will make your guests feel your love story, it will make them create memorable moments, and it will simply complement the joy and beauty of this special day in your life.

Of all the songs ever created, what are some of the truly popular ones – the ones that are always appreciated by wedding guests?

We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Elvis Crespo, Suavamente. As the name of the song suggests, this song is suave, romantic, and sensual. It has a truly special kind of magic to it – the kind that makes you fall in love not just with the music, but with the beauty of life. Although a bit less popular than other songs, this one is a recurrent apparition in wedding playlists of all kinds – so it definitely deserves to land on yours too!
  • A-HA, Take on Me. Nothing compares to the vibes of the 80s! If you and your future spouse are Millennials, you most likely grew up to this song, so it will create a really special kind of nostalgic energy everyone at your wedding will love.
  • The Righteous Brothers, Unchained Melody. This is such an all-time beauty that it definitely deserves to be on as many wedding playlists as possible! Romantic and just a little playful, this tune goes straight to your heart and right into the blood stream like nothing else can. Regardless of what they normally listen to, your guests are bound to appreciate this!
  • Beyoncé, Put a Ring on It. This song has major engagement and wedding vibes to it – and it’s also an empowering tune for all women out there. Therefore, it makes for the perfect complement to any special moment with your bridesmaids – it has so much energy and so many fun touches to its core that you can do so many things with it!
  • Bruno Mars, Marry You. Bruno is a name that recurrently pops on pretty much every wedding playlist – and for a very good reason. His songs are funky, sweet, and full of energy – and this one makes no exception from the rule. Not to mention it’s clearly wedding-themed!


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