Wondering Which Are the Best Love Songs of 2018? Here They Are!

Love songs and weddings will always have a very tight connection – because, let’s face it, no matter who you are and what kind of wedding you may want, you will include at least one romantic song in your playlist (it maybe something very pop or something more of a rock ballad, but it will be there).

What are some of the best love songs of 2018 – the ones you might actually want to include in your wedding playlist?

We have some ideas for you – continue reading to find out more.

  • Jason Aldean, You Make It Easy. This one has the vibes of an all-time classic romantic tune, but it somehow manages to incorporate the sound of 2018 in it as well. The perfect song for the couple who wants to be romantic and modern at the same time without sacrificing on the soothing qualities of their First Dance tune!
  • Lauv, I Like Me Better. This is such a beautiful declaration of love! Show your significant other that you like yourself better when you’re with them, that they make you better, that they make your entire life so much better. It’s truly one of the most amazing and overwhelming emotions the human body can perceive – and this song encapsulates it perfectly!
  • Frank Ocean, Moon River. If you are searching for a love song with a totally unique vibe, you will definitely love this one. There’s something ethereal and magical about it – something that will mesmerize you and embrace you in the most amazing ways, something that will add uniqueness and authenticity to your wedding day.
  • Maroon 5 feat Cardi B, Girls Like You. Say what you may, but Maroon 5 really know their way around a power song – they know how to make songs that go straight into your memory from the very first time you listen to them. This is most definitely the case for their latest 2018 release – a song that’s filled with emotion and beauty, power and energy, a song everyone at your wedding will genuinely enjoy!


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