When Should You Include Some of the Most Popular Wedding Entertainment Ideas?

Wedding entertainment is obviously important – and we’re not just saying this because we’re wedding entertainers ourselves, but because having fun and making for great memories is what weddings are all about.

Sure, every single detail of the Big Day matters tremendously – from the flowers you use for the décor to the food you place on the table. Wedding entertainment, however, is there to connect it all – to create the ultimate good ambiance, to help guests have the time of their lives, and, ultimately, to help you smile and shine.

What are some of the most popular wedding entertainment ideas – and where exactly should they be incorporated in the Big Day? We have gathered some tips for you – so keep reading if you want to find out more.

  • Classical/ instrumental music. The soothing sounds of an instrumental piece go perfectly well with the wedding ceremony. Of course, you can definitely incorporate whatever song you like for the highlights of the ceremony (e.g. the processional). But for those moments when the guests are taking their seats, and during the actual ceremony, you might want to settle on a sound that’s more relaxing.
  • This popular wedding entertainment idea goes perfectly with the mood of a cocktail hour. Because guests will be drinking and eating and chit-chatting, a caricaturist can immortalize their joy in a very fun and entertaining way. Perfect for setting a good mood for the wedding reception itself!
  • Fireworks or fire juggling. These ideas are ideal for a late-night wedding – precisely because the show will look so much better during the dark! These are the kind of surprises that will definitely WOW your guests and make them feel really special in a dreamy and exciting way at the same time.
  • Comedians and comedic lookalikes. This kind of entertainment is great either for the cocktail hour or for the after-wedding brunch. Why? Because it’s fun and sweet, but probably not suitable for the reception, where guests are most likely tipsy and want to eat great foods and dance on a few good songs.


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