THIS Is How You Choose Your First Dance Song Correctly!

Your wedding music is very, very important – and we’re not just saying this because we’re wedding DJs, we’re saying it because music can really speak farther than words, and you really need amazing music to accompany your most special wedding moments.

How do you choose it correctly, though – and even more, how do you choose your first dance correctly?

We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Communication is everything. You and your fiancé need to agree on the first dance song together. While most of the times the emphasis is on the bride, the truth is that you really want to make this moment (and your entire wedding) about both of you. Talk to your fiancé and see how you can find a song that really suits both of you – as separate individuals, and as a couple too.
  • Genre rules shouldn’t be considered. Most brides and grooms choose wedding songs that are soft, romantic, and mellow. But that shouldn’t be perceived as a rule. In fact, you can actually pick songs from any musical genre under the sun – it could be a rock ballad, an r’n’b song, an indie tune, or even a classical piece.
  • The only rule you should consider is whether or not this is wedding-appropriate. For instance, songs that are too sexual or songs that speak about breakups should be removed from the wedding playlist. While they might be great to listen to and dance to on other occasions, a wedding is not the moment for them.
  • Choose a song you can easily dance to. When choosing your first dance song, remember that you have to easily be able to dance to it. If your dancing skills are very good, you can choose a more complex choreography (and thus, you can pick a song that’s more complex too). However, if you feel that you want to keep your first dance very simple, the melody should be simple as well.


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