These Unique Songs Are Just Perfect for Your Wedding!

Weddings are unique events by definition: they are the kind of event that changes one’s life course and the kind of event that absolutely has to be infused with the unique personality and experience of the couple getting married.

Naturally, your music has to be just as special as your love story is – so what are some of the most unique music options to play at your wedding in 2019?

We’ve got some suggestions for you – keep on reading and find out more.

  • Joy Crookes, Don’t Let Me Down. Love is not a battlefield, like Pat would say – love is a work ground and a field of trust. Allowing yourself to fall in love with someone means that you are giving yourself to someone in the deepest sense of the word. This is what this song is all about: being vulnerable and placing your entire trust in your loved one. It’s a unique take on what love feels like, and the music itself definitely fits the uniqueness of the message too.
  • Mereba, Planet U. In some ways, this song feels like a journey through the galaxy – and like a journey towards your loved one too. Somewhere in between rap and soul, this tune breaks the boundaries in musical terms and sends out a truly amazing message filled with love, passion, and dedication all at once. A splendid option for pretty much every special wedding moment, from the processional to the last dance!
  • James Blake, I’ll Come Too. Is there anything more romantic than declaring your love by saying you will always be there, no matter what? In the end, this is what every wedding vow is all about – so if you want a musical vow that puts it really beautifully, this is just perfect. The voice is absolutely amazing, the music will run through your veins directly to your heart, and the message is more than just romantic: it is the very essence of love itself. What an amazing tune to play at a wedding, regardless of where you choose to incorporate it!


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