These Romantic Indie Songs Are Ideal for the Big Day in 2019

There’s nothing more beautiful than music – and we’re not saying this just because we’re DJs and music is our life.

We’re saying it because music has real power – the power to enchant, entertain, and embrace at the same time.

This is precisely why it’s very important to choose wedding songs that truly mirror your personality – and if you’re the kind of couple who appreciates the uniqueness and freshness of a good indie song, this is a genre you should definitely include in your wedding playlist.

What are some of the best indie songs for a 2019 wedding?

Read on and find out more.

  • Snow Patrol, The Dark Switch. This might seem like a dark song at first, but it has so much lyrical depth to it – not to mention it’s Snow Patrol, so it has the power to go straight to your heart and run through your veins for a long time once you listen to it. If you are searching for a song that will haunt you and your guests with its uniqueness, romanticism, and beauty, this is IT!
  • Mat Kearney, Kings and Queens. You are the King and Queen of your Big Day, right? So why not play a song that makes you feel that way? This Mat Kearney tune is a truly beautiful creation that will make your guests feel overwhelmed with your beautiful love story and its positivity. Everyone will love it!
  • Circa Waves, Movies. This is what we would call a classic indie – it has the unique point of view and the rhythm of an indie song that simply puts everything in a different perspective. If you and your loved one feel like your story deserves its own movie (and its own theme song), do give this one a try. It’s lovely!
  • The Fratellis, Starcrossed Losers. This one is such a cute option! It’s kind of like those teen movies that make you feel giggly and warm – but at the same time, it manages to be really deep, meaningful, and beautiful too. If you are searching for a genuinely special song that will put a smile on everyone’s faces, you will love this option!


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