Splendid, Romantic R’n’B Songs for Your Big Day

Every music genre has its own kind of beauty, and every decade its own flair – as wedding and event DJs, we know this better than anyone.

And yet, no other genre manages to get as close to the human soul and its most romantic desires just as well as R’n’B does – and if you are planning a wedding, you should definitely consider including at least one or two songs pertaining to this style.

What are the most romantic R’n’B songs to take into consideration? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • TLC, No Scrubs. We bet you haven’t listened to this one in a while. You may have been a preteen when it first came out, or you may have been in high school already – either way, it definitely marked your upbringing and your view on love. Include it in your wedding if you want to bring in a retro touch to speak about your story. People will love it!
  • Usher, Here I Stand. Also a blast from the past, this song is so beautifully sung and so deep that you cannot resist it. Usher may not be among the top favorites of teens these days – but it sure was back when he came out with this song, and you were most likely listening to it again and again. Energizing and romantic at the same time, this song is perfect for so many special wedding moments!
  • Sade, By Your Side. A bit more modern, but equally beautiful and soothing, this song is all about the hopes you build for the future and the very reason this wedding is happening: your love for each other and your desire to commit to each other for the rest of your lives. If that isn’t a perfect wedding song, we don’t know what is!
  • Brian McKnight, Love of My Life. If you want to show the world just how much your special someone means to you, opt to include this song for your wedding processional or First Dance. We guarantee it will create a truly unforgettable, genuinely beautiful and romantic moment at your wedding!


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