The Best Ideas for a Genuinely Romantic Wedding

There’s nothing quite as beautiful as a couple ready to commit to each other in love and marriage.

Here at Moving Music DJs, we are proud to say we have witnessed many such moments – and we are even happier to think we had the honor to be included in people’s such emotional life events.

In our entire experience, we have seen brides and grooms celebrating their weddings in small environments and large settings, in all the seasons, and in all levels of formality. But if there’s one element we have always seen again and again, making its way into people’s Big Day, that is romanticism.

Classic or quirky, romantic touches are always present in a wedding – and if you too are planning your own Big Day, you surely want to make sure it’s sprinkled with lovely moments.

What are some of the best ways to achieve this? Here are some tips for you:

  • Make your ceremony – and more specifically, your processional – very beautiful. This is what the entire event is all about: the magical moment the bride walks down the aisle towards her groom. This and the wedding vows are actually the two most important moments of the wedding – so make sure you are surrounded by more than just lovely décor. Make sure you are surrounded by music that suits your soul and your state of spirit that moment. The search for the perfect ceremony songs will be more than worth it, we promise!
  • Dance a beautiful First Dance. No, this is not about fancy dance moves, bubbles, steam, or any special effects. All these can help make the moment even more memorable – but at the very foundation, a romantic First Dance is about the emotion you send out into the air. And the music you pick for this moment is crucial when you want to create a genuinely amazing atmosphere!
  • Make a grand exit – on music, of course. You might say we’re biased, given that music is what we deal with here at Moving Music DJs. However, music can really convey a lot of emotion – and when you want to exit your wedding in grand style, an energizing, positive, and romantic song for the Last Dance will definitely help!


Looking for an experienced wedding DJ who knows how to play the best music for your Big Day? Contact Moving Music DJs and you will never regret it!

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