Romantic Classic Country Songs Everyone Will Love on Your Big Day

Your wedding day – oh, how much you have dreamed about this and oh, how much you planned for the perfect event! From the little décor details you set on the tables to the dress you wear, you want every single element of this magical day to be flawless.

And, as we always say, your music makes absolutely no exception from this.

Your wedding songs are supposed to mirror you: who you are, where you come from, what your love story is. And if country music does this the best way there is for you, then you should definitely include at least one or two songs from the genre in your playlist.

Of course, you have plenty of new country music at your fingertips and you can easily pick something that will suit you. But what about the old-school country music? What are some of the best romantic classic country songs for you?

Here are some suggestions:

  • Conaway Twitty, I Want to Lay You Down. It just doesn’t get more old-school country than this – and this is the precise reason the song isn’t as scandalous as the title might give away. In fact, this is a pretty romantic tune – one your grandma and all of your other guests will love. Passionate and memorable, this is the kind of song people will surely want to Shazam if they don’t know it already.
  • Johnny Cash, I Love You Because. There are a million ways and a million reasons love happens – and this song is the result of pure love: for people, for music, for that one special person. Nothing beats a good Johnny Cash tune and if you want to be surrounded by his unmistakable voice, this song is just perfect.
  • George Jones, The Love in Your Eyes. Definitely more modern country than the other two songs we have described here, this one too has a lot of beauty and lyricism in it. Truly, it is a flawless choice for a first dance, for a last dance, or even for an unconventional wedding processional!


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