Lovely Country Songs for an Amazing Wedding Processional

Your wedding is one of the most amazing and unforgettable moments of your entire life – and you deserve the very best when it comes to every single element that creates this special event.

Of course, you will plan the perfect décor and the most amazing foods, the most spectacular cake and the most beautiful wedding vows – but before you even reach that point, your wedding starts with one magical moment: your processional.

This moment should be filled with grace, beauty and, more than anything, your personality – and this is precisely why it’s so important to choose a song that represents you. Of course, if country music is what you like best, you should definitely include it in your wedding playlist – and yes, this includes your processional as well.

Following, we have gathered some of the very best wedding processional country songs – so read on if you are looking for a bit of inspiration.

  • Shania Twain, You’re Still the One. Even if your guests are not that much into country music, they will still recognize this song. Sweet and really, really romantic, the lyrics behind this song are perfect for the moment (and the music itself will definitely embrace you and everyone at the wedding in the most amazing way there is). A great choice if you want a popular song for your wedding processional!
  • Josh Turner, Soulmate. You and your loved one, you’re more than together – you are soulmates. That is why you are walking down the aisle now, and that is why you want to tie the knot for the rest of your lives. Play this song if you want to show the entire world just how much you love each other!
  • Keith Urban, Only You Can Love Me this Way. There is no doubt that Keith is one of the most famous names in the country music industry – and this song shows why. This tune has everything you need: it has soul, it has amazing lyrics, it’s played by a magical voice and it sends out a really amazing message. What more could you want from your processional song?


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