Looking for Hopeful and Joyful Songs for Your Wedding? Here Are Some Ideas

There’s nothing quite like happy music to put a smile on your face – just like there’s nothing quite like an amazing wedding to make you feel absolutely amazing and hopeful.

Of course, as the bride and groom, you want your guests to feel genuinely great at your wedding. You want them to smile, dance, and leave your wedding believing in the power only LOVE can bring into one’s life.

What are some of the best songs to send out this kind of positive vibes? We have some suggestions for you – so read on and find out more.

  • New Morning, Bob Dylan. As one of the best and most amazing artists that has ever graced Earth with his music, Bob Dylan knows how to write a song that makes you smile. And this particular song definitely falls in that category! If you want to create a really amazing atmosphere at your wedding and if you are looking for a slow, soothing song that is easy to dance to and fills you with hope and good thoughts, try this one. Everyone will love it!
  • Turn, Turn, Turn, The Byrds. This song may not feel that optimistic at first, but once you listen to its lyrics closely, you will find out that it’s really one of the very best ones you can play when you want guests to smile without reason. The rhythm, the sweetness of the lyrics, the entire message of this song – they are all so beautifully put together!
  • Absolute Beginners, David Bowie. You have to admit it: David Bowie was way before his times – and he knew how to show this to the world. This song is unique and deep – just perfect for a couple who wants excellent music at their wedding and wants to make sure everyone else loves it as well. If you don’t know it yet, look it up – you will not regret it!
  • Nina Simone, Feeling Good. Nina’s voice has the extraordinary gift of making people feel genuinely good. Not just the kind where you smile and feel OK, but deeply good, to the very bone. This song proves it very well – so play it at your wedding if you want to make your guests feel dreamy, nice, and full of hope.


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