Did You Know about These Wedding Music Trends?

The wedding world is always changing – and that’s part of what makes it so beautiful. Every year and every season bring along new trends to shape and reshape the way weddings look, feel, and are remembered – and while we definitely do not condone following into trends just because they’re popular, we do admit some of them can be quite inspiring.

For instance, what are some of the wedding trends that will have an influence on the wedding world in 2019?

We have gathered some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Not having the special dances. The First Dance, the Father Daughter Dance, the Last Dance – they’re all special moments and a lot of couples choose to have them. However, if you don’t feel comfortable with one (or all) of them, you can definitely skip the entire moment altogether (or, again, all of them). Nobody should make you do anything just because of tradition – and Millennials are the first generation to fully embrace this.
  • Coordinating your music with your wedding theme. Of course, you can’t play solely country music to a rustic/ country wedding – but focusing mostly on the kind of music that suits your wedding theme can create a full experience. For instance, you might want to play themed music just for the special moments of the day – your processional, your exit, the cutting of the cake, and so on.
  • Being very involved in your wedding music planning. Some couples choose to leave it all to the hands of the DJ (with the exception of a couple of songs, such as the First Dance, for example). That’s perfectly fine. But if you want your wedding music to be just as personal as the rest of the wedding, talking to your DJ about your precise musical preferences can help a lot. Even a short list of songs you like and don’t like will help your DJ create a very nice playlist for the Big Day. And if you want to be the one creating musical moments, you can definitely do it too – it’s definitely doable if you rehearse a lot and maybe even get help from a professional music teacher.


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