Planning the Rehearsal Dinner? Don’t Forget about the Music!

Your rehearsal dinner may not be as big or as fancy as the wedding itself, but that doesn’t mean it’s not important.

On the contrary. Planning a great rehearsal dinner is very important if you want to make sure you set the right tone for the Big Day (and, of course, if you want to make sure everything will go smoothly on the wedding day).

Same as music is important on the wedding day itself, it is also a pretty essential element at your rehearsal dinner too – but what songs could you include here?

We have some suggestions for you – so continue reading to find out more.

  • The Cure, Friday I’m in Love. This song is perfect from a number of points of view. First of all, it’s catchy, sweet, and there’s a high likelihood that everyone at your wedding knows it already. Secondly, it’s absolutely perfect if you’re having a Saturday wedding (like most couples do), because that means your rehearsal dinner will take place on… Friday. And yes, you’ll be in love!
  • Dave Brubeck, Bossa Nova U.S.A. Looking for a jazzy tune to lift up the spirits and make people chattier and friendlier with each other? This song is really great for you, then! If you don’t know it already, be sure to give it a listen – we’re sure you will love it so much that you will automatically include it in your rehearsal dinner playlist.
  • Beck, Tropicalia. Sweet, fun, and relaxing at the same time, this song is a great addition to any kind of dinner party – specifically one that has such a great influence on your wedding day. Guests will absolutely love catching up with each other and socializing with this playing on the background.
  • Sugar Town, Nancy Sinatra. A sweet and romantic song that’s bound to put a huge smile on everyone’s faces. It will set just the right mood: not too energizing, not too laid-back, but perfectly in between, for a nice evening spent with those who are closest to your heart. It will be just lovely!


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These Ceremony Processional Songs Are VERY Popular!

All brides want their wedding ceremonies to be absolutely fantastic, dreamy, romantic, and unforgettable – and given the uniqueness of this moment in one’s life, that’s perfectly understandable.

The song you choose for the background of your New York wedding ceremony processional is very important – but what are some of the most popular options out there? We’ve gathered them right below – so read on if you’re looking for some inspiration.

  • Pachabel, Canon in D. Aside from the classic “Here Comes the Bride”, this is one of the most popular songs to play on the wedding processional. Soft, romantic, beautiful, this classical tune will accompany you down the aisle, making you feel timelessly beautiful and eternally important in your loved one’s life (which is true!).
  • Bright Eyes, First Day of My Life. Such a sweet song, for a sweet, sweet moment of your life! The music itself is very pleasing, the voice is amazing, and the lyrics will complement how you feel as you make these few, very important steps towards the one who’s going to be your other half from hereon. Amazing choice!
  • Shania Twain, From This Moment On. If you would like to bring a bit of a romantic country vibe into your wedding processional, this song is just perfect for this. Say what you want, but Shania really knows how to convey strong emotions – and this song makes no exception from the rule. Play it if you want something that’s both romantic and energizing at the same time!
  • Adele, Make You Feel My Love. Adele’s most popular songs are usually about breakups – so definitely not suitable for a wedding processional. This one, however, isn’t – and oh, what a masterpiece it is! The force in her voice, the emotion in her lyrics – everything about this song is GRAND and unforgettable, which is precisely why it’s such an excellent choice for a wedding processional.
  • The Beatles, Here Comes the Sun. This song needs no introduction – but it can “introduce” you as a bride to your wedding guests and future spouse in such a beautiful, magical way! Choose this tune if you’d love a vintage touch to be brought into your wedding ceremony.


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4 Popular Songs for the Cutting of the Cake

The Cutting of the Cake is far more meaningful and symbolical than many think. Aside from the fact that everyone will be waiting for the wedding dessert (because, yes, who doesn’t cake?), the Cutting of the Cake is also symbolical from the point of view of the bride and groom and their story. For instance, the fact that they are doing this together is meaningful for their future as a couple. Even more, the cake itself is a wish of good luck and sweetness for their future life together.

What about the music playing on the background? What are some of the popular songs for the Cutting of the Cake? We have some ideas for you – so read on and find out more:

  • Maroon 5 – Sugar. This song was created to be played at weddings – and if you want proof for this, just look at the video they created for the song. High-energy and catchy, this tune will not only put a smile on your guests’ faces, but it will make them want to dance as well (because what better thing to do is there after cake, other than having fun on the dance floor?).
  • Blake Shelton – Honey Bee. In love with country music? Blake Shelton’s “Honey Bee” is an excellent choice for you, then! If you are looking for a very sweet song for your sweet treat moment, this song will surely be more than suitable!
  • Average White Band – Cut the Cake. Well, this song was really created for this type of moment at weddings, so it’s really no way it couldn’t be suitable. Fun, beautiful, and really catchy, this tune is more than likely to make your guests smile (and no, not just because dessert is just a couple of minutes away!).
  • Michael Buble, How Sweet It is. What a romantic song, and what a great underlining metaphor – just perfect for the Cutting of the Cake moment at your wedding! With Michael Buble’s fantastic voice on the background, your Cutting of the Cake will be one of the most memorable moments of your life!


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Amazing 80s Songs Everyone Will Love at Your Wedding

80's Music

Every musical decade has its own charm – but it seems that none has songs that are more popular for dancing than the magical 80s. The high-energy, the high hopes, the vibes of the music created in this decade – there’s nothing about the 80s that don’t recommend them for a wedding. Even more, it’s just the kind of music that can connect emotionally with a wide range of guests – from your parents and their friends to yourselves, if you were brought up in this decade.

What are some of the most popularly requested 80s tunes for a New York wedding? We have some tips for you – read on and find out more:

  • Michael Jackson, Thriller. You could never create a top of the most popular songs born in the 80s and omit MJ. As the quintessential 80s and 90s artist, he marked the world of music like nobody else did it before – and for that, his music lives on. “Thriller” is just one of his highly requested songs – and it’s just perfect for a quirky couple’s wedding, especially if you want guests to join in on an impromptu group dance. We bet everyone will have tons of fun on this song!
  • Wham!, Wake Me Up before You Go-Go. It might not be the most wedding-appropriate song, but then again, there are a lot of songs that have entered the “wedding folklore” and are much worse than this (“Macarena” is one of the most notorious ones). This is, however, a high-energy song everyone will sing the lyrics to – so it’s great for an ice-breaker at your wedding.
  • Dead or Alive, You Spin Me Round (Like a Record). You may have even forgotten about this song if you’re not hung up on retro music playlists. But the minute you will hear it, you will want to dance – and that is precisely what makes it such an excellent addition to your wedding music playlist.
  • The Cure, Just Like Heaven. A really beautiful song with a very unique tune to it – one that’s just as quintessentially 80s as MJ, but at the other end of the pole. Excellent option for couples who really want to show off their uniqueness!


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These Tips Will Actually Make All Guests Want to Dance

Wedding music mixer

As the hosts of your wedding in Buffalo, NY, you want to make sure everyone invited there actually has a lot of fun. Sure, the dress, and the decor, and the food, and the drinks – they will all make a huge difference for each guest invited at your wedding.

Yet, it is very often that the “pulse” of an event is given by the music playing on the background and whether or not guests are actually entertained (i.e. dancing).

How do you actually get guests off their chairs and attract them to the middle of the dance floor? We have some tips for you – read on and find out more.

  • Mix the genres. We know you might be a big country or rock or r’n’b fan, but focusing on the same genre can get boring over the course of a few hours – especially if your wedding guests are not exactly enjoying that particular type of music. Try to mix things up – it’s far more likely that you will satisfy the wide range of tastes your guests may have. Also, try to cover as many musical decades as possible – this way, everyone will be happy with the music, from your grandma to your teenage niece.
  • DO make a “DO NOT PLAY” list, but keep it short. If your DO NOT PLAY list is very long, it is more than likely that your DJ will end up with fewer choices – and thus, it is less likely that the music played at your wedding will be the kind everyone recognizes and wants to dance to. Of course, it’s perfectly normal to have a list of songs you just don’t want to hear at your wedding (and there’s a myriad of reasons for this too) – but try to be reasonable and realistic about this.
  • Hire the right person. You cannot even imagine how much it matters to hire the right DJ! Someone with experience and genuine talent for this will know how to set up the atmosphere, warm up your guests, and “lure” them to the dance floor without making it feel forced in any way.


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Perfect Songs to Play at Your Wedding Anniversary

Perfect wedding song

Love deserves to be celebrated in the most amazing ways. Of course, every day you’re with the one you love should be a reason to be happy and rejoice – but when you’ve reached a new milestone together, many of you will want to gather up your friends and family and throw an anniversary party everyone will remember.

What are the best songs to play at your Buffalo, New York wedding anniversary? We have some ideas for you – so read on and steal some inspiration.

  • Journey – After All These Years. A powerful rock song perfect for the couple who’s been together for many years and feel their love growing stronger every single day. Unconventional, but romantic and really amazing in terms of message!
  • The Beatles – When I’m 64. This sweet and romantic song by The Beatles is a true masterpiece. It has love, nostalgia, and a really, really beautiful meaning. Regardless of how long you’ve been married (be it one year, two, or twenty-five), you will find this song bears a lot of beauty and sensitivity in it. Perfect for those of you who want to have a special wedding anniversary dance.
  • Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes – The Time of My Life. Yes, this is the Dirty Dancing song – and yes, it is an absolutely amazing choice for any wedding anniversary. You and your SO have spent your time laughing and standing by each other through thin and thick – and it was the time of your life! To many, even merrier and more beautiful memories created together!
  • Celine Dion – Because You Loved Me. The Queen of romantic songs could not have missed from this list. If you want a powerful voice with a very, very emotional message and vibes to it, this is IT. The lyrics, the music, the voice – everything about this song is romantic and absolutely beautiful.
  • Christina Perri – A Thousand Years. Somewhat similar in genre with the aforementioned option, this one is a bit more modern – so it’s really ideal for couples who want to add a dash of uniqueness while still staying elegant and timeless at their wedding anniversary.


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Be Unique – Walk Down the Aisle on These Special Songs

Walking down the aisle at your own wedding is bound to be one of the most magical, beautiful, and unforgettable moments of your entire life – so of course you want to be embraced by a song that represents you, your love story, who you are, and what you believe in!

What are some of the most special songs you could include in your Buffalo, NY wedding processional? We have gathered some lesser common ones, so that you feel inspired to create a truly unique moment at your wedding – so read on and find out more.

  • Passenger – I See Love. Passenger is probably most popular for a song that’s about a breakup – but that doesn’t mean it’s all that he sings about. The song we’re suggesting here is filled with hope, romantic beauty, and lyricism – which is precisely why it’s so perfect for the stunning moment you’ll make your grand appearance at your wedding, slowly walking towards the one you’ll share your love with for the rest of your life.
  • Regina Spektor – Us. Many people haven’t heard anything from Regina in at least a decade – but her music is well-alive. This one is absolutely perfect for quirky couples who really see life in beautifully colored ways – give it a listen if you don’t know it and we bet you’ll end up loving it!
  • Jazon Mraz and Colbie Caillat – Lucky. You are lucky to have met such an amazing person – and even more, you are lucky to get married to such an awesome person. What better way to show just how lucky you feel than through a song that’s just about that: pure love and gratitude?
  • Sara Bareilles – I Choose You. This song is a wedding vow in its own right. It’s downright romantic, beautifully written, superbly sang and, more than anything, filled with hope and love. Even the title of the song says so much!
  • Beyonce – XO. Queen Bey’s songs are usually very, very popular – and this one makes no exception. However, there’s less of a chance that you’ve listened to this at a wedding ceremony before, despite it being truly well-fit for such an occasion. Such a powerful voice, such a powerful message!


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Planning a Corporate Event? Here Are Some Crucial Tips to Remember

Corporate event

Planning a corporate event in the New York area can be really stressful, especially if you don’t know where to start on your path to success. What are some of the crucial tips to keep in mind when planning corporate events, and how do you make them happen?

We have gathered some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Know your goals. Corporate events don’t happen just for the sake of happening – they have a clearly defined purpose. From corporate events planned for the press to corporate events planned for business partners or parties planned for the employees, they all have a goal. It may be building a better relationship with the press or the business partners or it may be making employees feel loyal to the company – in any case, there is always a purpose.
  • Know your audience. Once you have defined your event goals, you can start drawing the target audience. Who are they? What do they like? Not all forms of entertainment work for everyone, so it’s really important to know what your event guests are more likely to appreciate. You can’t know what each of them wants – but you can surely guess what the vast majority of them like.
  • Don’t do it alone. Great events are never planned by one person. It takes a team to make a really successful event, regardless of what it may be. If your company hasn’t clearly assigned a team for the event planning, ask for volunteers. You’d be surprised how many of your colleagues are happy to chip in and do whatever they’re best at: sourcing vendors, organizing the seats, bringing new ideas to complement the event concept, and so on.
  • Don’t go over the budget. Yes, great events can be planned with a smaller budget too. Going over the budget or other limitations you have may sound like a great idea when you want to make sure it all turns out as a huge success – but is it really a good business decision? Probably not – so better stick to your budget, splurge where it matters and be thrifty with the elements that may not make that much of a difference.


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It’s Really Important that Your Wedding Has THESE Ingredients

wedding photo

Everyone wants to have a successful wedding – the kind people just talk about month and even years after the big event. Of course, you too want to have a really amazing Big Day – but what are the ingredients you should absolutely include to make sure you have the perfect wedding you dream of?

We have gathered some of the most important tips to know about this – so read on and find out more.

  • An easy to follow day-of schedule. OK, it may not be easy to follow, but it should be clear, concise, and to the point. It may take a bit of time to put this together, but it will help you avoid utter and complete chaos on what’s meant to be the most beautiful event of your entire life.
  • A very good photographer. You need to capture the beauty of this amazing day in a gorgeous, stylish way that suits you and your love story. And that’s where a good photographer comes into the picture – make sure you hire the best one in the Buffalo, NY area – it will be more than worth it.
  • A backup plan for everything that might go wrong. It might feel really difficult to anticipate every single little thing that may go wrong on the Big Day – but you can definitely plan something for some of the most common issues – such as the dress getting stained (DIY bridal emergency kit), rain (a wedding tent you can easily put up in case you need to), vendors missing (making sure that the contract you sign with them includes a backup option), and so on.
  • A good amount of fun. Weddings are supposed to be really fun – so invest in this. Your wedding DJ, your photo booth, your lighting, and the other entertainment options you have booked will make everyone feel really great. This is how amazing memories are born, so make sure not to skimp on anything connected to your guests’ entertainment – it will be worth every single penny.


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Did You Know these Questions to Ask Your DJ when Hiring Them?

Wedding Dj

Hiring a DJ is a very important step in your wedding planning process – especially since wedding entertainment can really matter a lot when it comes to how great your guests feel attending your Big Day in Buffalo.

So, to help you make the right decision, we have gathered some less-talked about questions you should definitely ask your DJ before hiring them. Read on and find out more.

  • Will they take breaks? If so, when – and what music will play while they are away? In general, music plays on the background of weddings all throughout the event – sometimes softer, other times louder, but it does. Talk to your DJ and see what will happen when they’re away for breaks (after all, they are humans too).
  • Have they ever worked at your event venue? This question is important because every place sounds different – so your DJ should know what type of equipment they should bring in to make sure your wedding music sounds really qualitative. Also, some venues offer their own sound systems, so your DJs should be aware of this – again, to know what’s necessary and what’s not.
  • What do they do to motivate the people to dance? Sometimes, wedding guests need a little push to join in on the dance floor fun – and a good DJ knows exactly how to get them off their seats and into the middle of the fun. Talk to your DJ about this as well, to make sure you’re on the same page.
  • When do you need to book them? Some DJs need to be booked very well in advance (as you might have guessed, especially the DJs that are very popular and in-demand). Others may allow for a shorter time span between the actual booking and the wedding date. Ask this, to be absolutely certain you won’t book your favorite DJ too late.
  • When should you submit the playlist, the do not play list, and the other event details? Again, this may vary a lot from one DJ to the other – so it’s quite important to make sure you hand in these details in due time.


Looking for a fantastic wedding DJ in Buffalo, New York? Moving Music DJs is here for you – give us a call, and let’s talk about the awesome services we offer. You will never regret hiring us – that’s for certain!