THIS Is How You Choose Your First Dance Song Correctly!

Your wedding music is very, very important – and we’re not just saying this because we’re wedding DJs, we’re saying it because music can really speak farther than words, and you really need amazing music to accompany your most special wedding moments.

How do you choose it correctly, though – and even more, how do you choose your first dance correctly?

We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Communication is everything. You and your fiancé need to agree on the first dance song together. While most of the times the emphasis is on the bride, the truth is that you really want to make this moment (and your entire wedding) about both of you. Talk to your fiancé and see how you can find a song that really suits both of you – as separate individuals, and as a couple too.
  • Genre rules shouldn’t be considered. Most brides and grooms choose wedding songs that are soft, romantic, and mellow. But that shouldn’t be perceived as a rule. In fact, you can actually pick songs from any musical genre under the sun – it could be a rock ballad, an r’n’b song, an indie tune, or even a classical piece.
  • The only rule you should consider is whether or not this is wedding-appropriate. For instance, songs that are too sexual or songs that speak about breakups should be removed from the wedding playlist. While they might be great to listen to and dance to on other occasions, a wedding is not the moment for them.
  • Choose a song you can easily dance to. When choosing your first dance song, remember that you have to easily be able to dance to it. If your dancing skills are very good, you can choose a more complex choreography (and thus, you can pick a song that’s more complex too). However, if you feel that you want to keep your first dance very simple, the melody should be simple as well.


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Romantic Classic Country Songs Everyone Will Love on Your Big Day

Your wedding day – oh, how much you have dreamed about this and oh, how much you planned for the perfect event! From the little décor details you set on the tables to the dress you wear, you want every single element of this magical day to be flawless.

And, as we always say, your music makes absolutely no exception from this.

Your wedding songs are supposed to mirror you: who you are, where you come from, what your love story is. And if country music does this the best way there is for you, then you should definitely include at least one or two songs from the genre in your playlist.

Of course, you have plenty of new country music at your fingertips and you can easily pick something that will suit you. But what about the old-school country music? What are some of the best romantic classic country songs for you?

Here are some suggestions:

  • Conaway Twitty, I Want to Lay You Down. It just doesn’t get more old-school country than this – and this is the precise reason the song isn’t as scandalous as the title might give away. In fact, this is a pretty romantic tune – one your grandma and all of your other guests will love. Passionate and memorable, this is the kind of song people will surely want to Shazam if they don’t know it already.
  • Johnny Cash, I Love You Because. There are a million ways and a million reasons love happens – and this song is the result of pure love: for people, for music, for that one special person. Nothing beats a good Johnny Cash tune and if you want to be surrounded by his unmistakable voice, this song is just perfect.
  • George Jones, The Love in Your Eyes. Definitely more modern country than the other two songs we have described here, this one too has a lot of beauty and lyricism in it. Truly, it is a flawless choice for a first dance, for a last dance, or even for an unconventional wedding processional!


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Fresh Song Ideas for Your First Dance!

Your first dance should be nothing less than absolutely magical – you deserve this and your love story deserves it. Of course, the special effects and the choreography of the dance itself can matter a lot – but when it comes down to it, the music matters the most.

What are some of the freshest first dance song ideas you might want to consider for this special moment? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Lady Gaga, Always Remember Us This Way. Although the movie scene with this song was heartbreaking, the truth is that the song itself is deeply romantic. Yes, it does have a bit of sadness to it – but the message behind it is so meaningful that it should definitely land on your shortlist for the first dance song. So much power, grace, and passion in this beautiful Lady Gaga creation!
  • Michl, Better With You. Everything is better when you are with the one you love – and if you want to show the world just how great this feels, pick this song for your first dance. It’s such a beautiful and sweet tune! Plus, it has a pretty modern sound to it, so it works very well with couples who want a contemporary wedding (maybe even a wedding that’s set in an urban location!).
  • Camila Cabello, Never Be the Same. This is the kind of song that will sweep you off your toes with its uniqueness and beauty. It has power, it has energy, it has passion – it’s just perfect for brides and grooms who want their first dance to be truly original and memorable. While it might not be the best choice for someone who doesn’t want an intricate choreography, it sure is for those of you who want to make a true show out of your first dance!
  • Mumford and Sons, Guiding Light. Your love is the light that guides you in life – and you want this to stay the same from hereon as well. This beautiful folk tune will embrace you with its rawness and power in a truly amazing way, helping you create a first dance that truly speaks about your love story!


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These Romantic Indie Songs Are Ideal for the Big Day in 2019

There’s nothing more beautiful than music – and we’re not saying this just because we’re DJs and music is our life.

We’re saying it because music has real power – the power to enchant, entertain, and embrace at the same time.

This is precisely why it’s very important to choose wedding songs that truly mirror your personality – and if you’re the kind of couple who appreciates the uniqueness and freshness of a good indie song, this is a genre you should definitely include in your wedding playlist.

What are some of the best indie songs for a 2019 wedding?

Read on and find out more.

  • Snow Patrol, The Dark Switch. This might seem like a dark song at first, but it has so much lyrical depth to it – not to mention it’s Snow Patrol, so it has the power to go straight to your heart and run through your veins for a long time once you listen to it. If you are searching for a song that will haunt you and your guests with its uniqueness, romanticism, and beauty, this is IT!
  • Mat Kearney, Kings and Queens. You are the King and Queen of your Big Day, right? So why not play a song that makes you feel that way? This Mat Kearney tune is a truly beautiful creation that will make your guests feel overwhelmed with your beautiful love story and its positivity. Everyone will love it!
  • Circa Waves, Movies. This is what we would call a classic indie – it has the unique point of view and the rhythm of an indie song that simply puts everything in a different perspective. If you and your loved one feel like your story deserves its own movie (and its own theme song), do give this one a try. It’s lovely!
  • The Fratellis, Starcrossed Losers. This one is such a cute option! It’s kind of like those teen movies that make you feel giggly and warm – but at the same time, it manages to be really deep, meaningful, and beautiful too. If you are searching for a genuinely special song that will put a smile on everyone’s faces, you will love this option!


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Folk Music Can Be So Amazing for a Wedding!

There’s something magical and beautiful about folk music that makes it perfect for sweet, romantic moments – and if you’re a fan of the genre, you should definitely include at least some folk tunes in your Big Day’s soundtrack!

What are some of the best folk songs you could steal for your wedding day?

We have some suggestions for you – keep on reading and find out more.

  • Philip Philips, Dance with Me. The romantic undertones of this song are absolutely perfect for a wedding – especially a first or last dance! There’s something so deep and beautiful about the lyrics and the music behind this song that all of your guests will fall in love with it.
  • Ray LaMontagne, You Are the Best Thing. This might sound unbelievable to those who were listening to this song when it first came out, but it’s been more than a decade since it was released. Like all good things though, this song maintains its freshness and beauty regardless of how much time has passed. It’s a pure declaration of love wrapped uniquely in a voice and a song that are truly special. This song is perfect for the wedding recessional, as well as the first dance – but of course, you can play it any time during the Big Day.
  • Tom Odell, Grow Old with Me. There’s nothing more romantic than growing old with the one you love – and this song is all about that! If you want to show the world just how much you love each other and how hopeful you are for your future together, play this song during the Big Day. The music will embrace you and your guests in such a beautiful and unique way!
  • LP, Lost on You. Probably one of the most original contemporary artists, LP knows how to create love songs that are raw, unique, and truly deep. This one is an excellent example of her music and how amazing it can be! The music, the voice, the lyrics – everything about this sweet song is absolutely perfect.


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When Should You Include Some of the Most Popular Wedding Entertainment Ideas?

Wedding entertainment is obviously important – and we’re not just saying this because we’re wedding entertainers ourselves, but because having fun and making for great memories is what weddings are all about.

Sure, every single detail of the Big Day matters tremendously – from the flowers you use for the décor to the food you place on the table. Wedding entertainment, however, is there to connect it all – to create the ultimate good ambiance, to help guests have the time of their lives, and, ultimately, to help you smile and shine.

What are some of the most popular wedding entertainment ideas – and where exactly should they be incorporated in the Big Day? We have gathered some tips for you – so keep reading if you want to find out more.

  • Classical/ instrumental music. The soothing sounds of an instrumental piece go perfectly well with the wedding ceremony. Of course, you can definitely incorporate whatever song you like for the highlights of the ceremony (e.g. the processional). But for those moments when the guests are taking their seats, and during the actual ceremony, you might want to settle on a sound that’s more relaxing.
  • This popular wedding entertainment idea goes perfectly with the mood of a cocktail hour. Because guests will be drinking and eating and chit-chatting, a caricaturist can immortalize their joy in a very fun and entertaining way. Perfect for setting a good mood for the wedding reception itself!
  • Fireworks or fire juggling. These ideas are ideal for a late-night wedding – precisely because the show will look so much better during the dark! These are the kind of surprises that will definitely WOW your guests and make them feel really special in a dreamy and exciting way at the same time.
  • Comedians and comedic lookalikes. This kind of entertainment is great either for the cocktail hour or for the after-wedding brunch. Why? Because it’s fun and sweet, but probably not suitable for the reception, where guests are most likely tipsy and want to eat great foods and dance on a few good songs.


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Splendid, Romantic R’n’B Songs for Your Big Day

Every music genre has its own kind of beauty, and every decade its own flair – as wedding and event DJs, we know this better than anyone.

And yet, no other genre manages to get as close to the human soul and its most romantic desires just as well as R’n’B does – and if you are planning a wedding, you should definitely consider including at least one or two songs pertaining to this style.

What are the most romantic R’n’B songs to take into consideration? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • TLC, No Scrubs. We bet you haven’t listened to this one in a while. You may have been a preteen when it first came out, or you may have been in high school already – either way, it definitely marked your upbringing and your view on love. Include it in your wedding if you want to bring in a retro touch to speak about your story. People will love it!
  • Usher, Here I Stand. Also a blast from the past, this song is so beautifully sung and so deep that you cannot resist it. Usher may not be among the top favorites of teens these days – but it sure was back when he came out with this song, and you were most likely listening to it again and again. Energizing and romantic at the same time, this song is perfect for so many special wedding moments!
  • Sade, By Your Side. A bit more modern, but equally beautiful and soothing, this song is all about the hopes you build for the future and the very reason this wedding is happening: your love for each other and your desire to commit to each other for the rest of your lives. If that isn’t a perfect wedding song, we don’t know what is!
  • Brian McKnight, Love of My Life. If you want to show the world just how much your special someone means to you, opt to include this song for your wedding processional or First Dance. We guarantee it will create a truly unforgettable, genuinely beautiful and romantic moment at your wedding!


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Looking for the Best 2018 Songs for Weddings? Here Are Some Ideas!

Now that 2018 is over, we can finally look back at it and analyze it in its full glory. Truly, it was a good year for music – and as DJs, we couldn’t be happier about it. If you are planning a wedding in 2019 and looking for songs to include in your wedding playlist, you should definitely consider at least a couple from the best of the best released in 2018.

We have gathered some of the most romantic and wedding-worthy tunes of the year that has just ended – so read on if you are looking for inspiration.

  • Bruno Mars, 24K Magic. Leave it to Bruno Mars to create songs that really get into your blood and energize you down to your very core. A little funk, but very modern at the same time, this contemporary musician really knows how to pull off quality catchy songs – and 24K Magic is one of them. Play it at your wedding to put a smile on your guests’ faces and invite them to the dance floor!
  • Foo Fighters, The Sky Is a Neighborhood. Although rock, this song has a special kind of softness and romanticism to it. It is, indeed, one of the most unique songs that came out in 2018 – and it’s great for a wedding precisely because of its message. You will love it so much!
  • Zac Efron, Zendaya, Rewrite the Stars. This is the kind of romantic song that will never go out of fashion – really. A true classic in terms of rhythm, music, and lyrics, this beautiful tune deserves to get written in history for its grace and beauty, for its romantic notes, for the way it can fit every love story and make it unique at the same time.
  • Ed Sheeran & Beyoncé, Perfect Duet. We couldn’t have ended this list without including the Queen herself – and the modern bard of romantic music himself either. This song is exactly what the title suggests it is: the perfect duet. If you haven’t listened to it already, do it carefully. You will love every single microsecond of it!


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Did You Know about These Wedding Music Trends?

The wedding world is always changing – and that’s part of what makes it so beautiful. Every year and every season bring along new trends to shape and reshape the way weddings look, feel, and are remembered – and while we definitely do not condone following into trends just because they’re popular, we do admit some of them can be quite inspiring.

For instance, what are some of the wedding trends that will have an influence on the wedding world in 2019?

We have gathered some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Not having the special dances. The First Dance, the Father Daughter Dance, the Last Dance – they’re all special moments and a lot of couples choose to have them. However, if you don’t feel comfortable with one (or all) of them, you can definitely skip the entire moment altogether (or, again, all of them). Nobody should make you do anything just because of tradition – and Millennials are the first generation to fully embrace this.
  • Coordinating your music with your wedding theme. Of course, you can’t play solely country music to a rustic/ country wedding – but focusing mostly on the kind of music that suits your wedding theme can create a full experience. For instance, you might want to play themed music just for the special moments of the day – your processional, your exit, the cutting of the cake, and so on.
  • Being very involved in your wedding music planning. Some couples choose to leave it all to the hands of the DJ (with the exception of a couple of songs, such as the First Dance, for example). That’s perfectly fine. But if you want your wedding music to be just as personal as the rest of the wedding, talking to your DJ about your precise musical preferences can help a lot. Even a short list of songs you like and don’t like will help your DJ create a very nice playlist for the Big Day. And if you want to be the one creating musical moments, you can definitely do it too – it’s definitely doable if you rehearse a lot and maybe even get help from a professional music teacher.


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Rock Music Fans? Make Your Bouquet Toss Unforgettable with These Songs, Then!

Your wedding should be a reflection of who you are: your story, the things you believe in, the things you simply like, the way you see the world.

And yes, if that means playing your favorite music genre throughout the special moments of the wedding, then you are completely allowed to do it, no matter what music that is.

For instance, rock music may seem incompatible with weddings to many people – but if you’re a fan of the genre, you know just how energizing and powerful this music can be and how well it can fit into your Big Day (especially for the fun moments).

What are the best rock songs for a bouquet toss, for example?

We have some examples for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Pat Benatar, Hit Me with Your Best Shot. Given that this is a moment dedicated to the ladies and that Pat emanates girl power through every pore, it only makes sense that a song of hers would make it to this list. This particular one fits into the occasion like a glove – it has the energy, the lyrics, the fun vibe, and everything you might want from a bouquet toss rock song.
  • AC/DC, Thunderstruck. Despite it being quite on the hard metal side of rock music, this is probably one of the most well-known rock songs ever created. Moreover, it fits very well with the bouquet toss because it creates a feeling of energy and excitement (which are key to this kind of moment). People will love it – even if they don’t actually love the genre!
  • Poison, Nothing but a Good Time. Girls really wanna have fun – and this song is just perfect for that! If you are looking for a pure and simply fun song with great energy to it and a touch of hair metal sprinkled into an 80s vibe, this is IT. You will absolutely love your bouquet toss moment with this playing for you!
  • Queen, Another One Bites the Dust. Not only is this one of the very best rock songs ever created – but it is also really, really amazing for the bouquet toss moment because it adds a lot of humor to the entire moment. Impossible not to make people smile with this!

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