It’s Really Important that Your Wedding Has THESE Ingredients

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Everyone wants to have a successful wedding – the kind people just talk about month and even years after the big event. Of course, you too want to have a really amazing Big Day – but what are the ingredients you should absolutely include to make sure you have the perfect wedding you dream of?

We have gathered some of the most important tips to know about this – so read on and find out more.

  • An easy to follow day-of schedule. OK, it may not be easy to follow, but it should be clear, concise, and to the point. It may take a bit of time to put this together, but it will help you avoid utter and complete chaos on what’s meant to be the most beautiful event of your entire life.
  • A very good photographer. You need to capture the beauty of this amazing day in a gorgeous, stylish way that suits you and your love story. And that’s where a good photographer comes into the picture – make sure you hire the best one in the Buffalo, NY area – it will be more than worth it.
  • A backup plan for everything that might go wrong. It might feel really difficult to anticipate every single little thing that may go wrong on the Big Day – but you can definitely plan something for some of the most common issues – such as the dress getting stained (DIY bridal emergency kit), rain (a wedding tent you can easily put up in case you need to), vendors missing (making sure that the contract you sign with them includes a backup option), and so on.
  • A good amount of fun. Weddings are supposed to be really fun – so invest in this. Your wedding DJ, your photo booth, your lighting, and the other entertainment options you have booked will make everyone feel really great. This is how amazing memories are born, so make sure not to skimp on anything connected to your guests’ entertainment – it will be worth every single penny.


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Did You Know these Questions to Ask Your DJ when Hiring Them?

Wedding Dj

Hiring a DJ is a very important step in your wedding planning process – especially since wedding entertainment can really matter a lot when it comes to how great your guests feel attending your Big Day in Buffalo.

So, to help you make the right decision, we have gathered some less-talked about questions you should definitely ask your DJ before hiring them. Read on and find out more.

  • Will they take breaks? If so, when – and what music will play while they are away? In general, music plays on the background of weddings all throughout the event – sometimes softer, other times louder, but it does. Talk to your DJ and see what will happen when they’re away for breaks (after all, they are humans too).
  • Have they ever worked at your event venue? This question is important because every place sounds different – so your DJ should know what type of equipment they should bring in to make sure your wedding music sounds really qualitative. Also, some venues offer their own sound systems, so your DJs should be aware of this – again, to know what’s necessary and what’s not.
  • What do they do to motivate the people to dance? Sometimes, wedding guests need a little push to join in on the dance floor fun – and a good DJ knows exactly how to get them off their seats and into the middle of the fun. Talk to your DJ about this as well, to make sure you’re on the same page.
  • When do you need to book them? Some DJs need to be booked very well in advance (as you might have guessed, especially the DJs that are very popular and in-demand). Others may allow for a shorter time span between the actual booking and the wedding date. Ask this, to be absolutely certain you won’t book your favorite DJ too late.
  • When should you submit the playlist, the do not play list, and the other event details? Again, this may vary a lot from one DJ to the other – so it’s quite important to make sure you hand in these details in due time.


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7 Wedding Entertainment Ideas Every Single Guest Will Love

Wedding ideas

Wedding entertainment is, without doubt, one of the single most important things on your mind right now. After all you DO want your guests to feel excellent during the wedding and you DO want them to remember it fondly – so yes, entertainment plays a huge role in all of this.

What are some of the most special wedding entertainment ideas your guests are bound to love? We have some tips for you – read on and inspire yourself.

  • Table chef. Want to help guests break the ice even if they don’t know each other THAT well? Assign a “chef” from the guests at each table and ask them to carve the meat for everyone else. What better way to bring people together than through…food?
  • If you are looking for an extra-layer of fun at your wedding, hire a caricaturist. People will surely line up for this fun treat!
  • Did you know “Birds and Butterflies” is a huge wedding trend right now? Instead of the classic white doves, why not have someone release butterflies when you make your wedding exit? It will feel magical!
  • Oversized chess (or any other board game). Bring guests outside by inviting them to a game of oversized chess. It’s way more entertaining than the “normal” sized version and it’s perfect for a spring or summer outdoor wedding.
  • Plan a Prosecco bar. Everyone loves Prosecco and that’s a given. What’s even better than a glass of this delicious drink? A glass of Prosecco with all kinds of treats guests can choose from to customize their own drink.
  • Entertainment…from the bride and groom. Can you sing, paint, or amaze your guests any other way? Offer them a fun treat by performing a mini-show at your own wedding – it will make them smile so much!
  • Balloon fun. Did you know balloons have started to re-gain a lot of popularity in the wedding world? If you don’t want to use them for the wedding décor, why not bring a balloon artist to the wedding? We bet children (of all ages!) will be delighted!


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Your Guests Will Just LOVE These Wedding Ideas

Wedding tips

Weddings are very happy events in people’s lives – so naturally, you will want your guests to have tons of fun celebrating your love story.

Aside from awesome music (which, of course, we can take care of), what are some of the other ways you can entertain your guests and sprinkle a bit of fun into the Big Day? We have gathered some of the very best ideas for couples who are not very much into traditional wedding entertainment – so read on and find out more.

  • Liquid nitrogen drinks. Want to sprinkle your open bar with something really unique that is bound to impress all of your guests? Have them instantly cooled with liquid nitrogen – not only will the drinks taste amazing in their coolness, but this is a show everyone will definitely love.
  • Rent a ball pit. Who doesn’t like reverting to childhood and having some good, old-fashioned fun? We bet your guests will love diving into a ball pit at the after-party – so why not rent one? This will definitely give birth to a lot of awesome pictures!
  • Replace the candy bar with a popcorn bar. Yes, you read that right – popcorn is just the kind of snack everyone loves, so your guests will be delighted to grab a serving and add their favorites from a variety of toppings.
  • Replace the classic rice toss with… pom poms. Want to add color and liveliness to your wedding ceremony exit? Give your guests small pom poms to toss at you as you make your exit – it will make for really fun photos!


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