Best of Class Equipment makes our DJ (Buffalo, NY) Service Better.

We have top quality, state-of-the-art DJ equipment, and we are always upgrading to stay current.  We have systems ranging from fully digital systems operating from laptops to the conventional CD-based system. All digital systems are equipped with external hard drives and for backup purposes, at least a CD player or IPod.

You can tailor the music for your Buffalo wedding reception or party to your tastes. Our music covers decades starting from the 1940's to current day. Currently we have well over 80,000 songs cataloged in our digital database and many more on CD’s. Our music library is always up to date with the latest music available and is updated monthly with paid fully legal music subscriptions. We do not download from file sharing sites as the sound quality is compromised and it’s illegal.


Typical Sound System

We have systems that are fully digital or conventional CD Based. Your system will have a wireless microphone and a hard wired microphone for speeches and announcements. Your speakers may be a powered floor model or on stands depending on the venue. 

Sound System & Karaoke Setup With Lighting

We also have Karaoke to liven up your event. Our systems are fully digital -- always with the latest music available. Currently we have over 50,000 songs cataloged in our digital database. Our Karaoke specialist is the "Ultimate Entertainer", as he provides additional solo entertainment to get the wedding reception or party rocking. See our sample of Karaoke on video.


Enhance your Buffalo-area party or wedding reception with lighting shows, available upon request. Our lighting trees or Truss system are equipped with American DJ Pocket Scans intelligent lighting show with built in mini laser sequence, Disco mirror Ball and Derby lighting effects.

Video Projection Service

Want a slide show for your Buffalo wedding reception? Our Epson video projector can be utilized in several ways and can be displayed on our 96"x96" projection screen or on any flat light colored surface. The projector can be used to show slide show presentations, movies and we can even project the dance floor for everyone to enjoy.